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Between HTML4/XHTML and HTML 5 I personally enjoy HTML 5 more. For one thing the tags that are used instead of divs make more sense and are easier to understand and have a more logical organization. Divs work great, but the tags used in HTML5 are just simpler to understand to me, and with divs the organization isn’t as clear when looking at the code.

HTML5 tag structure chart

This just makes more sense to me than normal divs do

I also really like the nav and aside tags. In HTML4 you would use an unordered list to create a nav bar, and then you would have to use extra styling in CSS in order for it to go horizontal and not have the bullet points from the list. In HTML5 you just the links under the nav tag and they are automatically horizontal and they automatically have no bullet points, and the less time I spend adjusting minor things in CSS the more time I can spend making everything else work. I also think the aside tage is a great idea, since in HTML 4 I tried to make one using divs, and ti was very difficult and temperamental. The aside tag in HTML5 is still not the most perfect solution, but it is easier to use, and it requires much less coding in CSS. I guess that for me is one of the biggest draws for HTML 5, is that I don’t spend so much time in the CSS code tying to sort everything out.

The final advantage of HTML5 is the canvas feature. Now anything that can be done with canvas can be done in Adobe Flash, but the difference is that HTML5 is supported by apple mobil devices. It is also noticed when previewed in search engines, and is far more reliable. Finally, you program it using javascript, which is far less of a headache than programing in actionscript for Adobe.

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