Funnest School Project

One of the funnest projects I had to complete in college was a tie between either my bullying animation or my 3D statue of a character made in art class. Lets talk about the most relevant to my profession first, the animation. The goal of the animation was to create an animation around an issue that we wanted to discuss. I choose bullying, because it was a topic that I felt strongly about and already had knowledge in due to another paper I had written on the subject that compared bullying to nazis. The style I choose was like an old animation presentation, made in an overly cartoony black and white style, even adding the scratches and dust that would be found on old film. I did everything, from the animation to the scripting to the voice acting, which was really just a narration. And though it was difficult, it was fun to work on and I had a blast creating this animation. I even hid some easter eggs, such as the main character of the animation looking like Lucas from Mother 3 and some of my characters appearing in the animation in the overly cartoony style. I am really proud of it and I had a great experience with making it. If it didn’t take as long as it does. I would easily make more.


Google Glass

I think that Google glass is an incredible concept, that would definitely be interesting to all computer related fields in the future. For an animation major like me it would mostly effect stuff like animated ads. There is also small things like adding animations for small effect filters you can have, such as adding something silly like dragons in the skyline or have people have paper bags over their heads. But the real use for this will be combine with video gaming, since with augmented reality the possibilities with games that could be played anywhere is endless. And with these games comes animations that are imposed over your vision to give an effect like they are right in front of you. I also can foresee a resurgence of virtual pets, but now following you everywhere on Google glass instead of just being in your pocket.

However, I don’t think that Google glass will jumpstart augmented reality… (more…)

HTML5 Discussion

Between HTML4/XHTML and HTML 5 I personally enjoy HTML 5 more. For one thing the tags that are used instead of divs make more sense and are easier to understand and have a more logical organization. Divs work great, but the tags used in HTML5 are just simpler to understand to me, and with divs the organization isn’t as clear when looking at the code.


Hello world!

Welcome to my blog, made for IM 365. Through working on this blog I learned a lot of things both about WordPress and about CSS. About WordPress, this site structure is very fragile, and it takes only one piece of missing code to scramble the entire thing. About CSS, this and Zen Garden showed just how powerful of a tool it can be. It can turn the basic plain site into a much more complex, and unique looking creating. It is also very flexible, able to work with plenty of redundancies and issues so that the program would work. Understanding CSS also helps me understand why divs are so important, because they allow you so much more freedom when using CSS and allows you be far more creative just just the regular tags would allow.