IM 365 projects

The IM 365 I found the most fun was the CSS Zen Garden project. Having to work with HTML code we didn’t code ourselves really made an interesting challenge, and it also allowed me to focus solely on the CSS and how it looked. And the HTML was coded well so that while I was working the patterns and boxes formed naturally due to the html. There were issues, like I couldn’t get the outside font to work and after a while I just given up on it, and the opacity stumped me for a bit, but I just found the project fun and interesting. I liked the challenge, the ability to design without worrying about content, and the fact that the design I made looked good in my opinion. I am proud of this assignment and I had a lot of fun programing for it, and while it isn’t the biggest success for this class it is one that I felt showed what I could do with CSS.

However, the same amount of fun didn’t apply to skinning the blog. WordPress is very temperamental  and has a structure that is very difficult to understand due to it not being the most adequately labeled. I used a Bones plugin to get a very basic CSS but that had issues with it since it was designed to also allow for coding for a handheld device. Not to mention that all of the flaws of my original site became all that more apparent and real when looking at the WordPress site, so much so that right after that project was done I went back and added some modifications in order to make the site look nicer and more interesting. There really wasn’t anything to be done to improve the experience, since it had less to do with the project and more to do with the program, but it would have been nice to get a better tutorial on how to style WordPress in order for us to get less lost along the way.

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