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Welcome to my blog, made for IM 365. Through working on this blog I learned a lot of things both about WordPress and about CSS. About WordPress, this site structure is very fragile, and it takes only one piece of missing code to scramble the entire thing. About CSS, this and Zen Garden showed just how powerful of a tool it can be. It can turn the basic plain site into a much more complex, and unique looking creating. It is also very flexible, able to work with plenty of redundancies and issues so that the program would work. Understanding CSS also helps me understand why divs are so important, because they allow you so much more freedom when using CSS and allows you be far more creative just just the regular tags would allow.

Now there were issues, mostly due to how frustrating the organization of both sites were compared to a site you program yourself. Stuff like having the CSS for a single class being spread across the entire stylesheet and not in one concentrated region. And the problem of using both floats and absolute positioning, both having their benefits and issues. Absolute require a lot of tweaking, and can be ruined by changing the size on the screen. Float will change with the screen, but is limiting on where it can be placed. Another thing I learned was how to do the little details like rounded corners and opacity that make websites look all that more interesting. And I learned that you had to plan for what would happen if these would fail in an older browser. Finally, I learned that  CSS is not complicated, and in fact could be understood pretty easy, but it is difficult to master. I still had styling issues with the blog site, and that took so much time to work out.

Anyways, that is all I really have to say. Here is a link to my which I think looks pretty nice. Thanks for reading.

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