First Actual Post Not Done for IM365

So yeah, if anybody who knows me has been following my blog and has been wondering why the hell are all of my blog posts about technology stuff or programing and not about anything else it isn’t because I am a technology nut or a programer, it is because they were mandatory for a class (that is why almost every one is about 300 words long and have about as much resources or sources on the subject of an average post on Facebook). So now that IM 365 is basically over and the year is winding to a close I want to actually start using this blog to, surprisingly, blog. Topics can range from mundane little things that get on my nerves, to discussions on beliefs and ideas that I have about the real and fictional world, and probably a list or two on things I love or hate. I don’t know how this will turn out in the end, and believe me I would love to say that I am going to actually use this blog to its fullest potential, but I due to time issues and such it is never that easy to do so.

And to also do some shameless plugging of my material he is something I made in after affects, enjoy.

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