Funnest School Project

One of the funnest projects I had to complete in college was a tie between either my bullying animation or my 3D statue of a character made in art class. Lets talk about the most relevant to my profession first, the animation. The goal of the animation was to create an animation around an issue that we wanted to discuss. I choose bullying, because it was a topic that I felt strongly about and already had knowledge in due to another paper I had written on the subject that compared bullying to nazis. The style I choose was like an old animation presentation, made in an overly cartoony black and white style, even adding the scratches and dust that would be found on old film. I did everything, from the animation to the scripting to the voice acting, which was really just a narration. And though it was difficult, it was fun to work on and I had a blast creating this animation. I even hid some easter eggs, such as the main character of the animation looking like Lucas from Mother 3 and some of my characters appearing in the animation in the overly cartoony style. I am really proud of it and I had a great experience with making it. If it didn’t take as long as it does. I would easily make more.

The 3D statue was more an appeal to something that I had loved to do for a long time and now got the chance to do it in a different medium. We were tasked to create a character that would exist in a 3D animated world, like a Pixar film or claymation film, and then make them out of scuply clay. I choose The Nightmare Before Christmas and made a character named Mumble. I just loved the chance to create a character for class, and I had fun working with the clay. And it turned out looking really nice as well, though a bit more creepy then I first intended.

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