Google Glass

I think that Google glass is an incredible concept, that would definitely be interesting to all computer related fields in the future. For an animation major like me it would mostly effect stuff like animated ads. There is also small things like adding animations for small effect filters you can have, such as adding something silly like dragons in the skyline or have people have paper bags over their heads. But the real use for this will be combine with video gaming, since with augmented reality the possibilities with games that could be played anywhere is endless. And with these games comes animations that are imposed over your vision to give an effect like they are right in front of you. I also can foresee a resurgence of virtual pets, but now following you everywhere on Google glass instead of just being in your pocket.

However, I don’t think that Google glass will jumpstart augmented reality…

What I mean is that while Google glass is an amazing idea with plenty of possibilites there are a few issues I can foresee. For one is privacy, because imagine if by just looking at your face somebody can find your Facebook account or your email address. And the fact that walking down a street would be full of pop up adds for businesses that would take advantage of advertising on the spot. But the other issue is that augmented reality is already being used in small doses, and while it is interesting I don’t see it turning into a trend just yet. It still takes a slightly bulky device over your face, it probably drain power like no tomorrow, and it could isolate us from the rest of the world, to the point that even when we are talking to somebody we could be watching videos, checking email, and the like to remove us further from each other. But again, these are the issues I foresee, and Google has shown me wrong several times before. Only time will tell if augmented reality becomes the next big thing.

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