After Graduation…

I don’t really have any concrete plans of exactly where I am going right after I graduate (cut me some slack I am a sophomore) but I do know what I want to get into. First thing I will probably get is a basic technology job, something that doesn’t pay too well but enough to keep me fed and have a roof over my head. It will also probably be a programing job, so that is a fun job for somebody who deliberately choose a path that avoided just programing. I can also do some freelance work on the side, though I don’t know anything about freelance work for animators and I suspect that it will be the only animation job I will have for a while after I graduate.. I will used this time as well to help work on my skills in animation and help improve my portfolio sos that I am more desirable for larger companies. And this would be around the time where I start to figure out what it is really like to live on my own.

Next I will be applying to local animation studios in Chicago, trying to get a job there and again improve and refine my animation skills so that I can evetually start moving up to my dream job. For my dream job is to work at either Pixar studios, Disney, or Dreamworks animation for my career  I don’t know what position I will be in, perhaps chief coffee pot maker, but I that is my ultimate goal. After all I am going to try an start building connections with people in those companies in order to eventually get a job there. And it isn’t about moving to California or Florida, but instead about working on movies or shows for the whole family to watch. To one day show my kids a movie and say, “I helped make this” (or, “I brought coffee to the guys who made this.” Won’t my kids be so proud of me.).

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