Charles McFarlin

about-picI am is an Interactive Media student with a specialization in Animation and Visual effects. I like to make characters and storys in his free time, as well as reading and watching films, mostly of the horror or action genre. I have worked with a wide assortment of computer related media, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Flash, Adobe Premier, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, and some coding knowledge it HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL, JavaScript, and Processing (and yes the last one seems pretty pointless compared to the others).I love and to do things I have never done before, and I am always searching for a new way of expressing his creativity. My real dream would to work in an environment that would allow me to express is creativity and allow me to use my knowledge to make it become possible.

My art style is a combination of Japanesse Anime style and American Comic style. I like to create characters and monsters, as well as the world they live in. I also like to delve into the macabre at times, being a fan of horror, but also likes comedy when possible. I favors a less realistic style to my work, but to that end I am willing to improve and change. I work with the idea that a character is just as much defined by how they look as much as they act, and I also think that a good character, either hero or villain, is important to make a good story. I try to make this thinking show through my drawings, though sometimes I don’t follow through on these thoughts.

As for the things I like… well that is a long list. I like fantasy and science fiction, as well as videogames and comic books. I draw inspiration from these things, and I use this broad type of media to help inspire me and allows me to create characters and settings for any story. I also tend to work in ties to Christian theology, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Norse mythology, references to classic literature, and parallels to history. I have a love for the surreal and the weird, but also love to ground them in a realistic world with realistic characters. I like the macabre and creepy, and sometimes indulge in that far too much. Finally, I want to make it clear that with all of this in mind, I am willing to expand and explore things I have never done, because I concede that my knowledge is limited and any chance to help work to fix that is a chance I enjoy.

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